Donald Trump Jr. Fires Back at Nancy Pelosi's 'Pray' Comment - He Lights Her Up with a Huge Burn Against Democrats

[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]
[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


As RedState’s Elizabeth Vaughn covered previously, after a Wednesday meeting in which House Democrats discussed investigations of Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “I pray for the President of the United States. And I pray for the United States of America.”


Well, Don Jr. had something to say about that comment on Fox & Friends.

Host Steve Doocy brought up Pelosi to Don, noting she’d gone into a meeting about infrastructure — a topic requiring the Commander-in-Chief’s cooperation — after having just left a get-together tossing around the Leader of the Free World’s impeachment:

“What did you make of — we saw it unfold live on TV yesterday, Nancy Pelosi going into her meeting at 9:00 in the morning – they were talking about impeaching your dad. Later on, she came out and said he is obstructing justice and involved in a cover-up. He heard that. They came over. He said, ‘Meeting is over, I will not talk to you about infrastructure unless you end the phony investigations.’”

Don was unimpressed. He was also right — Democrats just won’t give up on their maniacal drive to oust Trump. How about focusing on their jobs in the legislature, and on constructive things? No dice. Here’s Junior:

“In reality, the Democrats are not dealing in good faith. We know that. First, it was collusion. It failed miserably. Then it was obstruction. Now the newest soundbite is that it’s a cover-up. Well, if there was none of the other things, what exactly are you covering up?”

Good question.

“They are upset that he is upset that they perpetrated the greatest hoax on the American people in the history of this country. So you can’t deal with someone like that.”


The President’s namesake accused the Democrats of not really wanting to get anything done, for fear it’ll be credited to Trump.

Then co-host Ainsley Earhardt moved on to Pelosi’s “pray” comment.

By the way: Is it just me, or can you tell — with almost total certainty — from the sound of her speech and the look of her face…that Nancy Pelosi definitely smells like Noxzema?

Moving on…take it away, Ainsley:

“She goes on to say, ‘I pray for the president.’ The president tweeted, he says, ‘Thanks, I know you truly mean it.’”

Awww, this makes me laugh.

Donald Trump Jr. rared back and slung quite the strong — and poignant — comeback:

“I don’t think the party of infanticide is praying for anyone. That is not what they do. We get that. Constant attacks on American values, on democracy. Honestly, this election, 2020, it is about communism versus freedom. You can choose.”

You sure can.




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