Elizabeth Warren Says 'No' to Funding For-Profit Charter Schools. Bernie Wants 'Em Banned. Are Public Schools Still Worthy of Our Taxes?

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On Sunday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a firm “No” to for-profit charter schools receiving any tax-dollar support.


She’s not a fan of Betsy DeVos:

“What [Education Secretary] Betsy DeVos has done to our public education really undermines the best opportunities for our kids.”

Pocahontas isn’t alone; Alyssa Milano’s down on Betsy, too (here).

And Elizabeth’s way down on charters:


And hey — why wouldn’t she wanna solely support the public school system? Those hallowed halls are doing great work. Here’s a bit of your paychecks at work:

  • A banning of Jesus at a school in Virginia
  • A cancellation of The Vagina Monologues because it excludes women who don’t possess vaginas
  • A teacher forced to quit because he believes in sex-based pronouns
  • A banning of mean speech at the University of Montana
  • A banning of personal prom transportation in the name of equity — plus a forced bus ride
  • A cancellation of a Disney musical because it’s racist


Uncle Bernie’s on board as well — on Saturday, he called for a ban on for-profit charter schools. He also touted universal school meals and minimum teachers’ salaries of no less than $60,000.

Dear Uncle Bernie:

I’d also like three Papa John’s pizzas per week, free chocolate milk sent daily to my door, a pro-level first baseman’s mitt, and some Ray-Bans like in Risky Business.

I love Bern’s idea of just givin’ us stuff. The only problem is, thanks to bureaucracy, I have a feeling my mitt’ll run me about $1100, my Ray-Bans’ll suck $2200 from my check, and let’s just say no chocolate milk’s worth the price of government “giving” it to me (and that’s sayin’ somethin’, ’cause chocolate milk is really, really good).

But at least I know enough to understand that, and I’ll admit it — I received part of my education via a public school district. So Elizabeth isn’t totally wrong.

But how wrong is she? I wanna hear from you. Let us all know what you think about taxes bolstering for-profit charter schools.

And if you don’t have chocolate milk, getcha some.

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