Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Violently Attacked in South Africa, & the Video is Incredible


“I’ll be (kicked in the) back.”


On Saturday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was at a South African charity event signing autographs.


Asked to come from behind his table, The Terminator obliged and was engaging with fans while videoing a kid jumping rope.

Suddenly, a huge nut came from behind and kicked him.

And I don’t mean a normal kick; this was a flying-through-the-air shoe to the back.

Arnold grimaced as he flung violently forward, past the viewfinder of an attendee’s phone.

What in the world?

The bodybuilding legend is 71-years-old. Not a good time to be kung-fu punted in the spine.

But the star’s still got some meat on him. Surely that helped protect him from a more serious injury.

The Austrian Oak was promptly escorted from the building with a human chain on each side.

On social media, Arnold said he’d thought the force of the kick was just the push of a crowd — he didn’t realize he’d been leg-jabbed by a wild loon until he saw the video himself.

He was “just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt [his] Snapchat”:


Shame on the maniac who booted California’s former Governator. Our world has become less civil (as political news constantly reminds us). And that’s no good for anyone.

The Hollywood icon was attending the Arnold Classic Africa at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre. At the time of the assault, he was serving as judge of a skipping contest.

Here’s the extreme strike from another angle. The guy in the dark T-shirt — who looks to be Schwarzenegger’s bodyguard — certainly didn’t do a very good job. But post-attack, that wannabe Bruce Lee dude got manhandled somethin’ fierce:

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Arnold as a bodybuilder, author, businessman and movie star. I’m glad he’s okay.

Some of my favorite Arnold movies are True Lies (his best, in my opinion), End of Days, and Jingle All the Way. What are yours? Let us all know in the Comments, and enjoy the videos below (WARNING: Language in the last two).


Incidentally, the score for Arnold’s film Junior — composed by James Newton Howard — is phenomenal.



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