AOC Rages Against Alabama's Abortion Bill, Gets it All Wrong, Follows with a Record-Setting Idiotic Excuse


In April, I wrote an article — which I highly recommed you read, in order to understand the scale here — called “Upping The Idiot Ante: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comes Up With A New Excuse For Her Blaccent.”


Well, she’s up ta uppin’ again.

And this one’s a reeeeeeal doozie.

Sometimes I think perhaps AOC’s a Tom Greene sort of joke on politics: Maybe a fantastic actress and prankster — whose name we do not know — created this Alexandria gag. And the entire doesn’t-appear-to-understand-anything, fartfighting persona is just a massive triumph in performance art. Performance fart, if you will.

I’m still holding out hope.

But in the event that my optimism is unfounded, here’s the story:

On Wednesday, the twenty-something representative from New York tweeted the following about Alabama’s abortion bill, which passed in the Senate:

Alabama lawmakers are making all abortions a felony punishable w jailtime,incl women victimized by rape+incest.

Of course, no added punishments for rapists.

It’s going to @GovernorKayIvey‘s desk. She will decide the future of women’s rights in Alabama.


Unfortunately, well, she’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So all the stuff the lawmaker said about the made law was wrong.

I’d like to repeat that: We have a lawmaker who takes to social media to sound off about a law…and gets the law completely wrong.

You know the hard day you spent at work? Some of your money paid the internet bill so she could tweet all that. Tonight’s she’s gonna have the lobster. On you.

Here’s the reality of Alabama’s law: Abortionists would be punished; not the mothers.

On Twitter, One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler called cowfart — I mean, bulls***:

This is a lie. Under no circumstances would women be jailed for abortions. The abortionist would be penalized.

Tell the truth, @AOC. You’re trying to scare women into supporting abortion. Why don’t you tell the truth & see if women support your extreme abortion agenda then?


Now…I want you to sit down. Have any alcohol handy? Pop a can. Or how about a nice Rosé… Better yet, whiskey if ya got it.

Here’s AOC’s response to getting the law entirely wrong — IF, in fact, she exists as a real person and not a political version of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (hilarious show, by the way)…

Once you’ve had your Dilaudid, proceed…

I kid you not, this was her excuse:

Context, people! It’s all about context! 280 characters!

Performance fart mic drop.



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