Linda Sarsour Attacks White Women Over Georgia's Evil Patriarchal Heartbeat Bill


I still don’t understand what’s going on with anti-Semitic Linda Sarsour (here, herehere, and here). She’s touted the virtue of Sharia law. Yet, she aligns herself with groups that are in stark violation of it (here). The combo’s created quite the mess, partially viewable here and here.


So here’s another left-wing quizzical move from a woman who seems to pine for a land in which left-wingers would be stoned.

On Tuesday, over Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill, the Women’s March leader focused her sights on the worst of the worst America has to offer: those doggone white people. Not the privileged, patriarchal, female-subjugating variety; but, rather — and oddly, since Democrats constantly suggest all chicks are left-wing — white women.

Linda also managed to pull in support for would-be gun confiscator Stacey Abrams (here and here):

“While folks are debating tactics to respond to Georgia’s heartbeat bill, let’s remember that 76% of the white Women electorate in GA (more than white men) voted for Brian Kemp over Stacey Abrams. That’s where the work needs to happen. WW continue to uphold the patriarchy.”


Oh — it’s actually the evil white women who are enabling the evil white men. Like Bernie Sanders? Bill Clinton? Chuck Schumer? Half of Barack Obama? Those are all white men. Is that who she’s talkin’ ’bout?

Or does she actually mean conservatives — a group which includes minorities (see Blexit here)– in which case we could drop the whole racial pretense and acknowledge this is purely concerning political ideology?

Aw, forget it. Let’s just get back to palefaced devils. Linda appears to believe white girls are merely mindless promoters of white guys who are — it so happens — pro-life. And so, those non-pro-life Caucasian chicks are supporting people who stand against their interests. [Maybe she should check out this rally.]

If over half the white race is that dumb, how’d they all get so privileged? Sounds like a bunch or imbeciles.




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