Eyewitness Describes the Murder of Late Term Abortion Survivors in North Carolina: Babies Were Drowned in Acidic Saline



As covered by RedState’s Sister Toldjah earlier this month, in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill designed to protect babies born alive after failed late term abortions.


Take a look, if you will, at testimony given during debate over the legislation.

Representative and former hospital worker Pat McElraft recounted her observations:

“You will hear from opponents of Bill 359 that there is no need for this bill. … I can testify to the fact that infanticide has happened in North Carolina. I’ve been witness to the results of those late-term abortions.…

“There was an abortionist in Jacksonville, North Carolina, who was known nationally for performing late term abortions. We heard of many girls who came from other states to North Carolina — Jacksonville, North Carolina, to have their late-term abortions. Even hitchhiking down from New York, some of them did, to come in…

“Those were the days when saline abortions were performed. The salt content of the saline was so strong that it burned the little baby’s skin.”

Though rarely performed today, saline abortions were commonplace in the 1970s and ’80s.

As reported by LiveAction:

Once committed in the late second and third trimesters, these abortions were done by injecting a caustic saline solution into the uterus. The baby would die over the course of a few hours and then the mother would go through labor to deliver her dead baby. Sometimes the saline failed to kill the baby and the baby was born alive. Melissa Ohden was one child who was born alive after a saline abortion and given care. She is now a mother herself. Gianna Jessen is another saline abortion survivor. Late-term abortions now are done by D&E in which the baby is dismembered in the womb or induction, in which the baby is injected with poison to cause cardiac arrest.


McElraft said babies who were born alive were murdered by drowning:

“Nurses told of stories of the babies that were born alive and [had] been taken by the doctor and turned over with their faces down in the saline to drown. Most of the nurses refused to work with this abortionist. He only did his abortions on the weekends.”

She also described a particularly ghastly sight:

“One day I was on a break, [and] went in to visit with the pathologist in the pathology lab, and I asked him, I said, ‘What are all these little pigs doing in these buckets?’ He told me, ‘Pat, look again.’ And I did. They were perfectly formed little human babies in those buckets. Their skin was even pinker than a normal baby would be, because it had been burned by the saline. Those were the weekend’s abortions.”

Roy Cooper explained his reason for the veto:

“This needless legislation would criminalize doctors and other healthcare providers for a practice that simply does not exist.”

Pat McElraft’s experiences didn’t exist.

Did they not?

Consider this video:




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