Harvey Weinstein's Court Date Gets Set, & the Charges Are Serious. Will the Media Continue Their Firestorm, or Did They Never Really Care?



How ’bout a little Harvey Weinstein news?

Have you missed him? He likely hasn’t missed you: There was a time when he surely would’ve climbed a tree to escape the overwhelming attention.


Can you imagine being Harvey in late 2017/early 2018? 

You hate the idea? #MeToo.

Fortunately for him, time and the news cycle moved on. Unfortunate: He’s now scheduled to stand trial in September, for rape and sexual assault

The original trial date was three weeks earlier, but Judge James Burke set it back.

As reported by ABC News, jury selection should last a couple weeks and the trial should go on for a month.

Judge Burke’s been left with the decision of whether to allow women in addition to the two whose accusations comprise the case to testify. He’s purportedly come to a conclusion, but he ain’t lettin’ the cat outta the bag.

At the request of both defense and prosecution — and in the interest of an impartial jury — the judge has ordered the courtroom sealed for the entirety of the proceedings.

From ABC:

The defense said the damage of unsubstantiated allegations should be kept from an insatiable media.

One person who presumably wouldn’t mind testifying is Ashley Judd. The actress seems none too averse to the spotlight (see here). Surely she’d love to get in on that.

Is the media fully done with Harvey? Will September see a revival of his front page status? If they were intently virtuous in breaking their necks to put him centerstage before, they should be willing to follow through during the trial. Or was it all baloney, and nobody really cared in the first place? Was it all about ratings via the flavor of the month? We shall see. If I had to guess, I’d lean toward the latter. What do you think?


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