More from Biden, Born 1942: Reparations? He'll 'Be Damned.' Joe Has a Big Problem, & it's Poised to Get a Lot Worse



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants reparations. She said so (here).

And people loved it.

White dude Beto O’Rourke — who inherited $5 million and married into $500 million — is railing against white privilege (here).


So how does Joe Biden fare in the woke, anti-white, pro-non-white department (here)?

Well, it ain’t lookin’ good.

In fact, there’s a surfaced newspaper clipping of Cozy Joe sayin’ he ain’t payin’ for the deeds of some dudes 300 years ago.

In fact, he’ll “be damned.”

Yes — damned!

The Washington Post noted the 70’s interview in March, and on Thursday, the quote was even covered by Rolling Stone.

So how does that affect his bid for the Oval Office?

Given the contemporary climate of the Democratic Party, it can’t help.

This isn’t the only recent dig-up for Joltin’ Joe: Earlier in the week, he was outed for previously labeling homosexual federal employees “security risks” (here).

And this is his problem: a generational one. Joe Biden was born in 1942, and he’s vying for the top spot within a political party that’s breaking its neck to be so 2019. The Left’s been knocking down monuments and revising history. It’s denounced the founding fathers and tried to remove John Wayne from an airport. Over the decades, surely Biden has said and done things that’d be DNC deal-breakers in the modern era.


And rest assured the man has competitors who’ll be more than happy to float those outdated ideas.

He made it through elections as VP. But President is a whole other ballgame.

Stay tuned.

For now, here’s this:




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