Thanks to NYC's Abortion Law, Ax Murderer Who Nearly Decapitated a 20-Year-Old Faces No Charge for the Death of Her Unborn Child



In January, New York legalized murder.

I’m referring to the state’s new abortion law, which allows the procedure up until birth (here and here).


Five seconds before the baby comes out, someone can crush his or her head and cut off his or her arms and legs.

“Abortion” is not the appropriate term for that.

As part of the Reproductive Health Act — which, as indicated above — assigns no rights to any child still in the womb — citizens are now permitted to kill any and all unborn babies in acts of violence toward their mothers.

Last Saturday, 34-year-old ex-convict Jerry Brown indulged in the state’s new allowance by hacking to death 20-year-old Savannah Rivera (left in the above photo) with an ax.

He also nearly killed Angela Valle — purportedly his girlfriend — in the attack.

In March, Angela posted a photo of Jerry on Instagram with the caption, “My f***ing man doe!!! Mr. 187 him self. I love you Daddy.”

187 is, of course, the California penal code reference for homicide.

Brown — who calls himself “Grim Creepa,” replied: “I love you, my queen.”

He obviously had a change of heart.

On Sunday, Jerry was charged with murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon — the ax.

21-year-old Angela was left fighting for her life due to several massive lacerations, one of which was made to the back of her head. She also received gashes to her chest, arms, stomach, and throat.

Savannah was nearly decapitated and pronounced dead at the scene. The mom of three-year-old Sebastian was nine weeks pregnant.


A friend lamented to the New York Post:

“We lost two lives. She was happy about [the pregnancy]. She was happy to have another child.”

Jerry won’t serve a single day for the loss of Savannah’s unborn child.

The Creepa and Angela began dating as recently as one month ago.

Prior to his ax murdering, he’d been arrested 13 times.

Angela remains in critical condition.

She has a 4-year-old daughter, Alaina.



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