WATCH: A Man Tries to Beat Up a Woman on a Public Sidewalk. The Easter Bunny Comes to Her Rescue & Kicks His A**!



Peter Cottontail does a lot of things: He hops down the bunny trail, he gives kids candy, and — if the Cadbury commercials are to be believed — somehow, he sounds like a chicken.


Well, he also opens a can on dudes when they try to beat up women.

Such was proven recently outside a bar in Orlando.

For reasons unknown, a shirtless man thought it’d be a great idea to fistfight a girl on the sidewalk.

I have to say: The chick — who looks to be wearing a staff shirt of some sort — wasn’t doin’ too bad. She was draggin’ the dude for a time.

But the Easter Bunny couldn’t let the melee continue.

So the white-eared, fluffy, cuddly rabbit intervened, amid cheers of “Kick his a**!”

Mr. Cottontail got in there and destroyed the guy.

The extricatin’ herbivore packed quite a punch.

BAM! — Mr. He-Man Woman-Hater took several paws to the face.

He was mince-meat in the clutches of Pummelin’ Peter.

Enjoy the heroic hare’s chivalry in the bizarre video above.

Check out that rabbit’s footwork — he floats like a butterfly and stings like a B-U-N-N-Y.

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