REPORT: In the Wake of His Hoax Disaster, Jussie Smollett's Broadway Debut Gets Canceled



According the Daily Mail, hoax-haunted Jussie Smollett has lost a lead role in the Broadway show Take Me Out.

There’s a trail o’ stink followin’ him.


Jussie was in the running for the part, but the outlet confirmed he’s been nixed from consideration.

Charges against the actor were recently dropped, but that did little to make things hunky dory (here, here, here, and here). The end to his prosecution only served to raise a whole buncha questions.

One question that’s no longer hovering is, “Will Jussie star in the play?”

The answer:

From the Daily Mail:

“Everything was set to go and the producers were planning to announce that Jussie and Zachary Quinto were starring in the play last month,” said one Broadway insider.

“Everyone was so supportive after the attack and then suddenly, everything shifted.”

It was all on account of a shock:

Another source close to the production reiterated this, and said that the events of the last few months have left them in shock.

And it was a great missed opportunity:

“Here is a kid who is on a hit television show, has made a name for himself, and gets the chance of a lifetime,” said that source.

“He would have come off the sixth season of Empire and kicked off the next leg of his career with a role on Broadway. And not just that, the lead role in one of the best plays of the century in his Broadway debut.”

That source then added: “Why on earth would someone throw that all away.”


It’s a good question.

And the impact of his decisions continues.

Jussie had appeared to be all in. But in the end, the Broadway show followed the edict of its title: They Took Him Out.



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