Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Forced Out of a Democratic Event by Protest from His Own Side

Ralph Northam, also know as "Coonman" in college, is shown posing in blatantly racist attire.



Virginia Ralph “let’s kill babies after they’re born” Northam (here) aborted his mission of taking part in a Sunday fundraiser for Democratic state Sen. Dave Marsden in Burke, Virginia.


The reason? Protestors were planning to show up. Ralph cited security concerns for his cancellation.

Among those preparing to rally were the NAACP and the Virginia Republican Party.

Note: When the NAACP is protesting a Democrat, things have really gone wrong.

The state’s GOP tweeted out a statement ridiculing the anti-baby’s-life politician.

[Warning: I’m going to do this all through the article.]

After a photo of Ralph in blackface from a medical school yearbook went viral just weeks into the new year, there were calls for the slaying-an-infant-is-alright Dem’s stepping down (see him refuse to shake a black man’s hand here).

But what does that say about where we are? Ralph put on makeup (or, he was the Klansman; it remains unclear). Applying the worst possible things to that photo, it doesn’t equal endorsing legislation — as a man who signs bills into law — to murder babies. Yet, which seems to have gotten all the traction?

Either way, the let’s-kill-your-newborn official remains beleaguered.


As reported by The Daily Caller, a recent survey indicated Ralph abortion-after-birth Northam’s ratings are 19 points down.

But shouldn’t they be at 0, the same as Kathy Tran’s (here)?

We’ve got some work to do.

As for now, at least there’s heat on the man who’s okay with slaughtering a living, breathing child.



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