Louisiana Woman Tries to Beat Boyfriend to Death with His Prosthetic Leg After He Says He Wants to Date Someone Else



Relationships are hard. But sometimes, breaking up is even harder.

Just ask the now-ex-boyfriend of 58-year-old Michelle Jackson.

On February 11th, the New Orleans woman was at home downing gin with her boo when he dropped a bomb on her: He wanted to date someone else.


Bad move.

At some point, the Man With Horrible Timing fell into a deep slumber.

At around 1 a.m., he was wakened by a frantic relative of Michelle’s. The 59-year-old discovered he’d been thrashed — there was a large cut on his head, and he was covered in blood. One of his fingers was swollen.

The reason? While he sawed logs, Michelle had taken her former sweetheart’s prosthetic leg and viciously beaten him with it.

She’d confessed to her family and fled the home — because she believed she’d killed him.

U.S. Marshals arrested Michelle at her house Wednesday. She’s currently practicing her swing at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, where’s she’s being held without bond.

The man’s lucky to be alive; thank goodness he didn’t have a hook.



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