WATCH: Viral Road Rage Video Shows Man Damaging Another Driver's Door. Then His Own Car Gets Karma'd



One of my rules for life is “You never know who you’re talking to.”

Don’t make assumptions; you may end up looking like an idiot.


This rule applies doubly for confrontation — try to avoid altercations with strangers at all cost. The other party may be reasonable; but they also might be unhinged and fond of switchblades.

They may be an animal.

And there’s nothing like a traffic fight to bring out the beast in someone.

A viral video courtesy of Barstool Sports reminds us of this, by way of an exchange in Chicago between two drivers.

In the clip, an obviously angry man in a black jacket leans onto the driver-side door of another man’s silver 4-door sedan. Apparently taunting and threatening the driver, he then proceeds to open and slam the door as if he’s attempting to do great damage.

Finally, he returns to his own car with the strut of a dude who just proved a massive point.

The driver of the sedan then calmly gets out, quickly opens his trunk, and turns around wielding a baseball bat.

Uhhh…not good.

With the speed and certainty of a goon hired by Tony Soprano, the man in — in a yellow hoodie — commences a vicious beatdown on the passenger side of the man in black’s car.

Holy cow.

After the thrashing, Mr. Doorslam comes back over.

Baseball Man’s body language: You want some of this?

Doorslam Guy: Oh, okay. No thanks.


Yellow Hoodie gets in his car, and that’s the end.

You never know who’s in the car in front of you. They could be the most subservient person in the world. Or they just might have a Louisville Slugger behind the back seat and an affection for the sound of side mirrors meeting pavement.


You never know who you’re talking to; so speak nicely. And you won’t have to report your conversation to the insurance company.

Watch the video below (Warning: Language).

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