Sore Loser Stacey Abrams Just Got Hit with an Investigation Announcement, & a Subpoena's Coming Soon



Stacey Abrams is creating a very sour legacy for herself.

The Georgia gubernatorial contender…what’s that word? Oh, yeah — lost — in November, after making it clear she was in favor of confiscating rifles from the state’s citizenry. Leading up to the election, which she — what was it again? Oh yeah, lost — she made it equally clear she refused to be transparent about her firearm-seizing plans (here and here). That’s a recipe for…losing.


Yet, she can’t seem to remember that she lost. Or to accept it.

Hence, for months after the defeat, she raged against the unfair machine, crying corruption and dirty tricks (here, here, here, and here). And subsequently making herself look — in my opinion — substantially not good. She refused to accept that the Peach state didn’t wanna sample the sweet nectar of a gun-confiscatin’ governor.

Add absurd posturing from people like Hillary Clinton, and you had a real stinkfest (here).

Now the fruit’s grown more rotten with the advent of an investigation into Abrams by Georgia’s state ethics commission.

On Thursday, newly-minted Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission Dir. David Emadi announced that he’ll subpoena bank records from Stacey’s campaign, as well as from groups that raised money for her effort.

Stefan Ritter — who stepped down after being accused of watching porn at work — was alleged to have ordered staff to stall any probes into elections campaign impropriety.

But David Emadi ain’t stallin’.

Unsurprisingly, Stacey’s team is claiming any charges of wrongdoing is baloney. Former campaign manager Luren Groh-Wargo told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the whole thing is an abuse of power:

“The Abrams campaign worked diligently to ensure compliance throughout the election and, had we been notified of any irregularities, would have immediately taken action to rectify them. The new ethics chief — a Kemp donor and former Republican Party leader — is using his power to threaten and lob baseless partisan accusations at the former Abrams campaign when they should be focused on real problems like the unethical ties between the governor’s office and voting machine lobbyists instead.”


An appearance of potential partisanship is there — David Emadi formerly served as an officer in the Douglas County Republican Party, and all the politicians he’s fingering for investigation (including Atlanta mayoral candidates) are Democrats.

Regardless, Emadi’s in charge, and the wheels are turning — moving distinctly toward Stacey Abrams:

“What I can say about the investigation into the Abrams campaign is, in the relatively near future, I expect we will be issuing subpoenas for bank and finance records of both Miss Abrams and various PACs and special-interest groups that were affiliated with her campaign.”

Scrutiny looms, for a lady who’s relentlessly cried foul since her crushing defeat. It’s brought all the wrong kind of attention to her, which only makes news of the probe resonate more loudly across the political arena. If the investigation moves far forward, its negative light upon the 2020 hopeful (here) will continue to be amplified by her blaming of others for her gubernatorial fail.

Stacey Abrams’s post-November plight is just the latest public reminder of an age-old adage which should’ve informed her handling of a democratic loss: Nobody likes a sore loser.



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