Don Jr. Just Called Newsweek 'a Piece of' This Bodily Function - 2 Guesses



Newsweek is a lying piece of sh**!

So says Donald Trump, Jr.

Here we go…

Many on the Left seem obsessed with Hitler. And why? Because he was a right-winger.


I disagree.

He was a nationalist who believed in a strong military — true. But from there, you can ascribe a host of left-wing traits to the man with history’s goofiest mustache (sorry, Michael Jordan).

Democrats love to recall the “National” part, but they appear to always miss the “Socialist” half of the National Socialist party, otherwise known as the Nazis.

Apropos, at a hearing in Washington Tuesday, Candace Owens shot back at Ted Lieu over a clip he presented featuring a very limited comment the leader of Blexit (here) had made about Adolph. If you haven’t seen Candace’s perfect response, please go here — it’s glorious.

The snippet was made to appear as though Candace was endorsing Hitler, when she was in fact defending the general concept of nationalism — which, until recently on the side of the Left — hadn’t been disparaged as racist. She explained that Hitler wasn’t the definitive nationalist; he was the definitive mass murderer. And she did so with flames comin’ off her.

Trump Jr. loved the pyro:


Newsweek decided to do a piece about Jr.’s approval, which they described thusly:

Does that sound misleading?

Don Jr. thought so:

That’s straight talk, folks.




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