WATCH: Insane WWE-Style Fight Explodes in the Middle of a Casino. But the Hulkamaniac Gets a Surprise



Aaand another fight caught on video goes viral.

This one’s pretty bizarre — it happens in a casino, transitioning instantly from what looks like two men (one seated) having a normal conversation to a battle to the death.


The strangest part of that jetting from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds is the fact that the man sitting down suddenly and hilariously rips off his entire shirt. I mean, entirely…like this:

Added to the oddity is the fact that he appears to be fairly old. At least old enough to not go into Hulk mode at the card table. Somethin’ musta just struck the beast in him.

To quote Revelation, “Here is wisdom”: If you’re gonna rip off your shirt like a roarin’ lion, and jump up with the Eye of the Tiger, you’d better not fight like a pussycat. Mr. Barechest got bested by more than a smidge. To the horror of his female companion.

He got pummeled. And kicked. And rotated on like a speed bag. He floundered around like drunk fish on a dock.

In the middle of the casino. Shirtless in his jeans, like he’d just awakened from being a werewolf.

Guess his tattoos didn’t make him as tough as perhaps he’d imagined.

What a bizarre world in which we live…with a whole bunch of nutty people.

Watch the video — courtesy of JustBleedMMa — below. And join me in a group wince.



I anxiously await your comments.



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