Where We're Headed: Mother & Father Tie Their Newborn in Garbage Bag, Leave Him in the Trunk for Dead



We’re living in a broken world. With broken people. And evil.

In Wisconsin, a mom and dad were arrested after their child was discovered by Wood County deputies. The little boy was wrapped inside a tied plastic garbage bag in the back of his father’s car.


On Saturday, Wood County sheriffs were contacted by staff at Marshfield Medical Center. The reason: A possibly-missing newborn.

The infant was found in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle in the hospital parking lot.

Authorities believe the baby had been inside the trunk for three hours.

He was rushed to the ER and revived — sadly, only temporarily.

19-year old Allen Rice and 22-year-old Marylinn Feher were taken into custody on suspicion of child neglect for the baby’s death.

Who throws away a newborn baby like garbage?

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, apparently. Kathy Tran (here).

And, allegedly, Marylinn Feher and Allen Rice.

Marylinn had given birth to the boy at a residence earlier in the day.

He’d not been taken to the hospital, so it remains a mystery how medical staff knew to call the police.

This crime is a repulsive look into the face of evil — the brutalizing of the most innocent among us.

Yet, it isn’t an anomaly. It isn’t an outlier. Not within the scope of morality currently being touted by those we have elected (here, here, and here).

If we allow our culture to reach the ultimate point of no compassion, no empathy, no heart, we won’t have to worry about hell; we’ll already be living there.




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