California Governor Prepares to Sign Legislation Forcing Every Public University to Provide Free Abortions


A stunning abortion bill passed by California’s Senate Committee on April 3rd will be signed by the state’s governor, as reported by LifeNews.


S.B. 24 — otherwise known as the College Student Right to Access Act — will force all public universities to provide free abortions.

What in the world is going on?

Former Gov. Jerry Brown previously vetoed the legislation “because the services required by this bill are widely available off-campus.” But Sen. Connie Leyva — a sponsor of S.B. 24 — believes that’s exactly why things need to change:

“Students should not have to travel off campus or miss class or work responsibilities in order to receive care that can easily be provided at a student health center.”

What kind of reasoning is that? You could apply it to anything. A school’s purpose is to expand its students’ intellectual horizons by challenging their ideas, as well as to bestow knowledge that can be employed in a career. It isn’t a one-stop shop for your lifestyle. You want a foot-massage? Head to Frank’s Toe Tinglers on Main Street. You want an abortion? You can get in your car and go.

But this is left-wing California. And in a liberal utopia, everything’s free.

More from Connie Leyva:

“Women do not lose the constitutional right to end a pregnancy simply because they are a college student.”


LifeNews explains some of the details of the bill:


The proposed legislation would amend California’s public health code to require health clinics located at public universities to “offer abortion by medication techniques” beginning in 2023, according to Democratic state Sen. Connie Leyva’s office. It would go into effect if $10.2 million in private funds is “raised for the costs of equipment and training in clinics,” according to The Washington Times.

[W]ith a Democratic-controlled California legislature and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s outspoken approval for the proposal, the bill is all but guaranteed to pass after it is voted on by state Senate’s education and appropriations committees, as well as both chambers.

Unsurprisingly, during the 2018 election cycle, Sen. Leyva received $15,700 from Planned Parenthood of California.

Our schools need to do one thing well: Educate. The fact that they aren’t doing a particularly fantastic job makes alternatives — seen here — even more valuable. It seems to me that the public school system isn’t the place for abortions — something with which a great portion of the population has a gargantuan moral issue. Nor are they a place for broadened communist provision. How about we focus on raising the effectiveness of college and tamping down the more humiliating occurrences (such as here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)?


I wanna see that bill.

In the meantime, our human rights are passive (here): No one has — or should have — the active “right” to get free abortions at school.



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