'Desperate Housewives' Star Pleads Guilty to Federal Conspiracy & Fraud in College Admissions Scam



In a move that may surprise some, Hollywood actress Felicity Huffman has entered a guilty plea in federal court regarding the college admissions scam that’s made innumerable headlines as of late (learn more about Lori Loughlin’s involvement here).


Felicity not only admitted guilt; she said she takes “full responsibility.”

What’s more, she’s “ashamed” of her actions.

SHAME? I thought shame went outta style a long time ago.

Check out the statement obtained by Fox News:

“I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions. I am ashamed of the pain I have caused my daughter, my family, my friends, my colleagues and the educational community. I want to apologize to them.”

The Desperate Housewives star also apologized to the hardworking young people who get into college on actual merit:

“I want to apologize to the students who work hard every day to get into college, and to their parents who make tremendous sacrifices to support their children and do so honestly.”


Felicity claimed her daughter knew nothing of her actions. Furthermore, she admitted to betraying her with her crimes.

From Fox:

The Department of Justice revealed on Monday that Huffman was one of the 11 defendants, who was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, and have agreed to plead guilty pursuant to plea agreements.

I’m surprised by the thoroughness of the apology. We live in a world that seems far too brazen for such things as shame and humility to make frequent appearances. But, in my view, those are virtues of which we could do with much more.


What Felicity Huffman and 11 others charged did was wrong. And of course, we have no way of knowing the degree to which an official statement reflects someone’s heart. We may simply be looking at a millionaire who’s deathly afraid of prison. But to the degree that it might indicate some true repentance, I believe her apology is commensurate with her crimes.

What do you think?



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