WATCH: Dean Cain Rips 'Ridiculous,' Boycottin' Hollywood, Agrees with Me; & Maybe We'll Get a Coke.



From all accounts, Dean Cain is a nice guy.

And he’s of the opinion that it ain’t so nice of Hollywood to attempt to block Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill via a boycott by exclusively reserving their magnanimous presence for non-Georgia endeavors (here, here, and here).


On Fox & Friends Friday, the Lois & Clark actor sounded off:

“The hubris of Hollywood to say to a sovereign state like Georgia, you guys have to follow our beliefs on abortion, is ridiculous. For Hollywood to tell Georgia voters what their views should be on abortion is a huge mistake, and I think it’s a giant overstep.”

Wow: That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Here’s my proposed summary of Hollywood’s statement, courtesy of my article on the Baldwin brothers:

Translation: “We’re a small number of people who get paid to stand on taped X’s and say what someone told us to. But our rightful position is to dictate the abortion legislation — which would otherwise be subject to millions of voters — in other peoples’ states, not our own.”

Good call, Dean.

Maybe I’ll see if he wants to get a Coke sometime.

Or RC. His call.

My personal heartbreak, Alyssa Milano, probably won’t be joining us; she’s heading up the boycott (here), aimed at taking away revenue from The Peach State.


But Dean ain’t impressed:

“Those tax incentives that bring in studios, honest to goodness, don’t make a huge fiscal impact on the state. So if people don’t show up to work in Georgia, it’s not going to hurt Georgians very much at all in the pocketbook, and I think it’s a ridiculous thing to go for.”

Dean also questioned whether Alyssa — who recently veered dangerously close to outlawing height (here) — came up with this whole protest idea all by her lonesome:

“I don’t think Alyssa Milano is doing this out of her own volition, I think she’s got somebody behind her, a group behind her, for her to be quoting certain things and creating these protests – I don’t think she’s doing it by herself.”

Dean’s a pretty cool guy. I think I’m gonna get myself a Coke and an RC, and kick back and bingewatch Lois & Clark. And pretend I have the fashion sense of the main characters.

Oh, if only.

Watch Superman in the videos below.



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