While AOC Compared Herself To MLK Friday, a Panelist Trashed Her and Called for Her to be Voted Out



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to make headlines, and for perpetually bad reasons.

Dang it. Her ideas stink.

The newbie New York representative seems to understand — in a word — nothing.


Literally (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Hence, hours before she pounced onto the stage at a super cool Al Sharpton event in New York — where she called for a fantastic “agenda of reparations” — she got blasted over her supreme goofiness in killing the state’s Amazon deal. The economics-minorin’, bartendin’ roof dancer was called “financially illiterate.”


At Sharpton’s National Action Network jam, she championed the Green New Deal’s paid funds to black Americans for slavery.

How’s she gonna determine who was a slave? And how’s she gonna get the money from their slave masters?

Aw, that don’t matter. Just…everything’s free! Socialism! Nazi economics! Earth is saved by plugging cow’s rectums! YAY!

She also compared herself to Martin Luther King:

“I find so much of this present moment to really be a revival and a picking up of where King left off.”

Can you fathom Dr. Martin Luther King orating about a moo cow’s butt biscuits??

Regardless, before her big speech, at the same event, the president of Advent Capital Management went off on the failure of the Amazon deal, which would’ve provided 25,000 jobs and billions in taxes.

Take it away, Tracy Maitland:

“The people campaigning against the Amazon campus are financially illiterate.”

He dropped science during a panel discussion on the Black Economic Agenda.


I guess Tracy thinks Alexandria’s agenda is dumbness.

After the panel, he ripped the cow fart fighter to the New York Post:

“This was a disgrace. I partially blame AOC for the loss of Amazon. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. That’s scary. We have to make sure she’s better educated or vote her out of office.”

Makes sense.

Which one is easier? I think I know.

What say you?



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