Mid-Trump Bash, CNN Spotlighted Past Presidents' Lies & Omitted Obama's 'Lie of the Year'? Yes They Did



Want some media bias?

Here we go.

On Wednesday, the Collusion News Network — which is to say, a disaster of a news network (here, here, here, here, here, and here) — set out to compare Donald Trump’s “lies” to those of presidents past.


Brace yourself for a shocker: CNN skipped over Obama in its examples. This, despite Barack’s much hailed “Lie of the Year,” as per Politifact.

C’mon, folks!

Wolf Blitzer started with a real newsroom gem:

“President Trump often tells flat-out lies.”


I will say, though, the Trump montage was pretty amusing.

Wolf addressed The Donald’s recent comment that his dad was born in Germany:

“Perhaps for some presumed political gain but over the past 24 hours he’s strung together a series of falsehood, misstatements and even wild lies for no apparent reason at all — including an absurd claim about his father’s birthplace.”

Situation Room reporter Brian Todd pointed out that lying was a presidential pastime.

Examples given:

  • Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
  • Richard Nixon: “I first learned from news reports of the Watergate break-in.”
  • Lyndon Johnson lied about what got the United States into Vietnam

Marc Fisher, a Trump biographer, explained his theory on Trump’s lies, and how they differ from that of other presidents:

“He’s just riffing. He’s doing the moment. This is what Donald Trump does. Life takes place for him in the present. He doesn’t really care about the past. Not even that much about the future. He wants to win the moment at every turn.”

That sounds curiously similar to how Ben Shapiro’s characterized the President.


What’s also familiar is a bit of the ol’ bias: Missing from the segment was anything from the very latest president, left-wing fave B.O.

I’m sure you all remember this oldie but goodie:

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

Ohhhh yeah. That was a fat one.

And when it comes to bias, CNN’s morbidly obese.

Watch the videos below and enjoy Wolf’s stunning opening.



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