Another Victory: the House Fails Its Override of Trump's Border-Funding National Emergency



On Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled House attempted an override of Trump’s national emergency declaration concerning the nation’s southern border.


Diving into the details: The vote was an effort to cancel Trump’s veto of a congressional resolution to cancel his emergency pronouncement.

Get that? Trump said “Emergency.” Congress said Nope. Trump Noped their Nope. In return, they took a shot at noping his nope that noped their nope of his “Emergency.”

Did they succeed?


If you want a reminder of what’s going on to the south, take a look here, here, and here.

The President announced a state of emergency on February 15th in order to access billions of dollars otherwise withheld by Congress. On Monday, the Pentagon authorized the transfer of $1 billion to bolster the construction of 57 miles of fencing. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan explained the barrier will stand 18 feet tall in the Yuma and El Paso sectors.

The House’s vote to override secured a majority by way of 248-181. However, the crew needed two-thirds. So someone play the sad trombones:

Even if the House had reached the required portion, however, the Republican-led Senate would’ve likely squashed their move against DJT.

So the Donald continues his victory dance — there was no collusion, the media look like idiots (here, here, and here), Michael Avenatti faces extortion charges (here), and the border’s set to get a nifty fence. Quite the banner week.


Trump called the House’s undertaking “dangerous,” “reckless,” and a “vote against reality.” Additionally, the White House issued the following statement:

“Congress has repeatedly refused to address this dangerous situation, but President Donald J. Trump has acted. He is building the wall and strengthening security at the border because the American people deserve protection from threats coming into our country.”

Michigan Rep. Paul Mitchell labeled the move a “partisan whack job,” while California’s Tom McClintock said the “radical left in this House…would dissolve our borders entirely if given the chance.”

Prior to voting, Nancy Pelosi took the opportunity to utter something really stupid:

“Even when the legislative branch disagrees with the executive, we respect the office the President holds, and it’s his right to veto legislation. But when those decisions violate the Constitution, then that must be stopped.”

Trump just trumped:


And the saga continues.



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