Social Justice Revolt: It's Not Enough for Captain Marvel to be a Woman; The Woke Want More




Outside of Wonder Woman, Superheroes used to be white guys — Super Man, Batman, Spider-Man…Super Friends…

But we’ve evolved…


…into minorities and females defeating evil. Case in point: this year’s screen-drencher, Captain Marvel. For about $10, you can watch a chick save the world. Or, worlds.

And no sleeping during the movie — the whole point is to be woke: the white actress portraying the Captain didn’t even want to talk to white people on her press tour. Because…they’re white. So bad. Said the girl. Who was white (here).

Are you awake for this? Well, it’s time to get further woken.

A social justice warrior’s now saying CM needs to be downright gay — why not be “inclusive”?

On the nerdy comic-book-and-entertainment site CBR, a new article rescues us from privilege: “A Gay Captain Marvel Could Be The MCU’s Biggest Statement on Diversity.”

Is that really what it’d be — a statement on diversity? Or would it just be a pro-gay statement?

To the folks at CBR, this is absolutely important:

[R]evealing Captain Marvel as gay would be a winning move for Disney, and an important step forward for the MCU.

Indeed, the geek ‘zine wants “progressive storytelling” (FINALLY!).

The Daily Wire sees the movie as merely vertical, down the list:


[CBR wants] targeting specific quotas rather than genuine inclusiveness. Since Marvel already has successful minority superhero franchises (Black Panther) and a moderately successful female-led franchise (Captain Marvel), it’s simply time to check the next box.

More from the site formerly known as Comic Book Resources:

The general audience has embraced the hero’s progressive style and what she stands for, inspiring girls and women globally. By making her queer, the studio would jump to the forefront of gay rights everywhere. By presenting Carol Danvers as a feminist, a strong woman, and a hero with an unbreakable will who just so happens to be an LGBT representative would be a remarkable way to help shape the MCU’s future.

Not only would this revelation fit Carol Danvers’ character, it would be a remarkably relatable and inspiring moment for teens and adults worldwide who feel under-represented as “the other.”

Would worldwide appeal be the result?

Disney appears to no longer be afraid of facing backlash from a small yet vocal contingent of people, as evidenced by James Gunn being rehired to bring Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to theaters. The fact is, Disney can’t just afford to take risks — it can’t afford not to.

The MCU as a brand is more than strong enough to make this move. The first step has already been taken by looking at a gay lead for the Eternals, but revealing Captain Marvel as queer would  make an even bigger impact. It would illustrate that the studio is truly genuine and unapologetic about celebrating equality for all, giving them — and us — the biggest real life superhero move we could ask.


Well there ya go.

I get the feeling that some on the Left — if faced with a flick where every single character was a black trisexual transgender Islamic illegal immigrant little person — would call that movie “the most diverse and inclusive movie in history.” It seems to me that words long ago lost their meaning (here, here, here, and here).

Personally, I miss the days when movies weren’t viewed as political banners, and quotas weren’t implemented in television production. How about just write a good story that a general audience can enjoy? If you want to “include” the most people, that’s how. The more politically engineered you become — to the left or the right — the more exclusive you are.

To me, that’s far from super.


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