HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS: From Jim to Bette to George, Tinseltown Responds to the Mueller Report



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Though their far side of the aisle opposes the foundation of his overarching message to the world, in light of no evidence of Russian collusion, many Democrats are no doubt simmering on the title of Martin Luther King’s August 1967 speech: “Where Do We Go From Here?”


In my view, a reasonable response to the Mueller probe findings would just be, “Oh.”

Then life would move on in the light of reality — Trump won the election fair and square.

But something tells me that won’t happen, and this and this don’t work toward changin’ my mind.

So where do they go? For some in Hollywood, they go to Twitter. And for some on Twitter, they go to refusal.

Let’s start with my personal heartbreak — the once outwardly-kind, now somewhat belligerent Alyssa Milano (here, here, here, and here):

“Well, if there was nothing in the report why won’t they just release it? If the report fully exonerated him or his family, he’d have it all out in seconds. Wouldn’t he?”

I’ll answer her question: No.

Next up, we have Saving Private Ryan actor, Adam Goldberg, questioning Trump:

Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer (who, it should also be mentioned, played Duckie in the seminal Pretty in Pink) suggested Attorney General Bill Barr is scamming to protect a guilty Donald:


Comedy’s ideological contradiction, socialist-worth-$150-million Jim Carrey (here), offered some non-believin’ in the form of a painting:

Actor John Leguizamo’s conclusion? Russia collusion is a fact:

Rosie O’Donnel doesn’t care about the summary of the report; she only cares about the report.

John Cusack’s of a like mind:


FLOT*TS tweeter Bette Midler (here), as well as the great Don Cheadle, is taking no dubious position:


Last but not least, George Takei — who I very much like — had an eyebrow-raising take on the AG’s assessment:

So there ya go. It appears some of Hollywood’s political minds aren’t open to changing.

Trump bad. Democrats good.

It strikes me as bit of partisanship, and it’s their right to have it.

A whole lot of Republicans have it, too.

The report — upon its full release — is unlikely to alter the beliefs of those who were hell-bent on Hillary.

A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

And some in Hollywood — as in America — will keep believin’ Trump ain’t right.




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