MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Tries to Keep from Bursting into Tears Over Non-Incriminating Mueller Report



While some at CNN were admitting the vindication of Donald J. Trump courtesy of an impotent Mueller Report (here), MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took to the airwaves with what looked to be a threat of tears.


It was quite a different Maddow than the May 2018 version, giddyily shouting “Ooh!” over Democrats taking back the government (here).

But now, Trump won’t get booted from the White House and placed in a Turkish prison.



Trump won’t even be indicted.

A Twitter response to the above; press Play:

Fresh out of a Tennessee trout stream, Rachel gave the impression she wanted to cry a river.

And she’s certainly not alone: The media have wanted Trump gone so badly. For two years, they’ve refused to accept his ascension, hashtagging such goofiness as #NotMyPresident.

C’mon, chick; It ain’t that bad. You had your eight years; let the other side have theirs. Sooner or later, the pendulum’ll give you another talking head to say all kinds of crazy stuff that you’ll love. They’ll make the bad moves you dream of.

For now, it seems, Rachel’s nightmare of a Trump presidency is worsening.


Subsequently, the wells of horror were — on live TV — threatening to make their way to her eyeballs.

Witness it for yourself, particularly in part 2 as she returns from a clip of Mueller.

When else in American politics would there’ve been people upset to find out a president didn’t do something shady?

Strange times.



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