Planned Parenthood President Guests on Comedy Central, Brags of Her New 'Badge of Honor'



America has really jumped the tracks when the president of an abortion clinic is welcome onto a network called “Comedy Central.”

What happened to the comedy part?


Even for those who support abortion rights, there’s nothing “funny” about it.

But the CC’s Daily Show has long been about left-wing politics, its comedy only broadly such if you follow the belief that conservatives are mythical creatures rather than members of the viewing audience.

For all you unicorns, here’s a story.

On Thursday, Leana Wen appeared with Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah and she was pretty psyched. During the program, as she discussed the virtuous work of Planned Parenthood — which is, according to Leana, all “about saving people’s lives” (here) — the host told her she’s “Trump’s Nightmare.”

Leana took the label as a point of pride:

“Last night, I was on @TheDailyShow to talk about Planned Parenthood’s incredible life-saving work. @Trevornoah called me @realDonaldTrump’s ‘nightmare’ — a badge of honor I proudly wear as we fight for our patients, our rights & our future!”


In the course of the evening, Leana championed healthcare as a universal right, in order to fight the “systemic issues” which cause sickness (Huh?):

“In working in the ER, I saw that what’s making people sick isn’t just the illness that they have, its also systemic issues. And that’s why I truly believe that healthcare has to be a human right that’s guaranteed to all and not just a privilege available to some.”

That didn’t make any sense.


Healthcare is what others do for you. It’s greatly important, and I believe all people should have medical care. But to call it a “human right” is erroneous, as it requires action from others. Human rights are passive, meaning they are things upon which no one can infringe. There is no such thing as an active human right — a way in which you can infringe upon others. You have the right to sing in your shower; but you have no right to make me sing in mine.

Leana was singing like crazy — to the tune of the universal good of abortion:

“Abortion is a standard medical procedure, that one fourth of women will have in their lifetime. It’s part of the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, which is healthcare, and its important for us to speak about abortion in that context.”

I don’t know that Leana’s caring-for-health compass is properly calibrated: In February, she decried the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. She said it offended her — as a mother (here).


I suppose she’s proud to be the mother of all nightmares. For the Donald and all his unicorns — who surely observe the fact that nothing about abortion is Central to Comedy.



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