He Has the Power: CNN Talking Heads Forced to Admit the Mueller Report Vindicates Donald Trump



Well, it’s happened — after 675 days, the Mueller report’s been given to Attorney General Bill Barr, and it’s over (here).


Or just beginning.

But shockingly — as pointed out by The Daily Caller — on CNN, some pundits are willing to verbalize the notion that their greatest dreams won’t be coming true: The report doesn’t latch iron shackles onto Führer Trump.

Like He-Man, The Donald has the power.

CNN wanted it so bad — just see here, here, here, here, and especially here.

Joy Behar must be crushed.

While speaking with Jeffrey Toobin Friday, CNN analyst Gloria Borger used the word “vindicated” to describe the state of the President here at the investigation’s end:

“So if, if as Jeffrey is saying, they get great news, the great news is, first of all, there’s no more indictments. But if suddenly the President has to say those angry Democrats who were working with Bob Mueller were actually just part of a Justice Department doing its job after he has criticized the Justice Department, then he’s now vindicated.”

Jeffrey seconded:

“Let’s be specific. This is really good news for a lot of people around Donald Trump: Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Jerome Corsi, the writer who had a draft indictment presented to him by Mueller’s office and they decided not to go forward with this. Let’s be fair here. There has been a lot of suspicion around certain people. And a lot of negative things have been said and imputation of criminal activity. Mueller has said, ‘I am not proceeding.’ There is no better news to receive than you are not being indicted by the United States government.”


Evan Perez, the network’s justice reporter, also acknowledged the Trumpian triumph:

“After an investigation that has frankly clouded his administration since the beginning of his presidency, the President can begin to probably breathe a little easier that the idea that his vindication is coming. He knows that so far, from the Mueller investigation — the public information that’s been released by Robert Mueller — there’s been nothing that comes close to what looks like collusion or conspiracy, which has been at the focus of this investigation, the idea that there was somebody in the president’s campaign who was colluding with the Russians. None of that has come forward…”

For a long, long time, President Trump has denounced the “witch hunt,” promising he’d come out smellin’ like a rose.

Technically it was March 20th, but let’s call Friday the first day of spring.



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