Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Top Aide Quietly Removed From Board of PAC That Got Her Elected



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bounded onto the scene, and the Left loved her. She was young, she was new, she was a socialist. What’s not to like?


The fact that she couldn’t seem to say anything that made sense…and the fact that she didn’t seem to know anything…and the fact that she didn’t seem to understand anything…

…Well, no one’s perfect.

But now, are some Democrats wishing they’d exercised a bit more discernment? The socialist superhero won her district and immediately blazed a trail toward banishing airplanes and skirmishing with cow farts.

Another blight on her record thus far — or, should I say, thus fart? — is her seemingly dicey relationship with campaign regulations. Like here and here.

Very quietly, AOC and her top aide have been removed from the Justice Democrats’ board — the very organization that propelled her to congressional heights.

According to the PAC’s official website, she and her chief of staff — Saikat Chakrabarti — hopped onto the board at the end of 2017, holding “legal control over the entity” while it supported her pursuit of political glory.

As per her attorneys, she was taken off the board last June; yet, corporate filings list her as an “entity governor” as late as March 14th.


So she appears to have been on the board the entire time.

On the 15th, AOC and Saikat were officially yanked.

Incidentally, the author of the Green New Deal never disclosed the fact that she and her aide were in control of Justice Democrats as it underpinned her congressional campaign.

The Daily Caller reports that, as stated by former FEC Commissioner Brad Smith, the discovery that her campaign acted in concert with the PAC would constitute “massive reporting violations.”

Justice Democrats’ executive director — Alexandra Rojas — concurrently served as campaign director for the PAC and field organizer during the 2018 race for representative.

Will this latest turn go anywhere meaningful? Is the freshman congresswoman Greenpeace’s founder labeled a “pompous little twit” set for a long life in politics, or will she one day be back behind the bar?

I suppose, for now, either way — just as she was, apparently, with Justice Democrats — she’s the boss:




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