POLL: Despite the Relentless Push of Democrats, New Yorkers DO NOT Want Illegals to be Issued Licenses



Should illegals get drivers licenses? Kirsten Gillibrand sure thinks so (here). Some on the left side of the aisle claim it’s an issue of public safety.


But New Yorkers aren’t in favor — at least, according to a recent Siena College poll.

The survey of 700 registered voters reveals that 61% of the state’s residents don’t want illegals getting licenses.

The party breakdown is as follows: nearly half (49%) of Democrats support licensing those who sneaked in, while 81% say, “No way, Jose.” 71% of Indies side with GOPers.

Siena Research’s Steven Greenberg says the city’s at odds with itself, while black people and Latinos lean a bit in favor:

“Overwhelmingly, Republicans and Independents, upstaters and downstate suburbanites, oppose allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses. Democrats and New York City voters are closely divided on the issue. White voters strongly oppose; black and Latino voters support it by small margins.”

While the state legislature debated the merits of such a program last year, New York’s WGRZ conducted its own study, which indicated the vast majority of their viewers gave it a Thumbs Down.

Last month, Dems in the state legislature made another push. 2017’s bill issuing licenses to those not legally here failed in the Senate. At the time, that chamber was controlled by Republicans.

But it ain’t no more, Jack!

And now, I give you New York State Comptroller Scott Stringer:


“For many of us, a driver’s license is nothing more than a piece of plastic tucked in between our credit cards, but for undocumented immigrants it means better job opportunities, a safe way to get your child to school, and to the hospital in an emergency – all without fear of deportation during a routine traffic stop.”

Is it really an issue of safety? One thing’s for sure: New York’s legislature is absolutely no fan of safety.

Murder? They’re into it.



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