WATCH: Hero Who Confronted and Chased the New Zealand Mass Murderer with a Shotgun Tells His Story



On Saturday, I wrote about the 50-death-count New Zealand mosques massacre and quoted a man named Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah (here).

At the time, Abdul’s available witness account involved him throwing — of all things — a credit card reader at the mass murderer outside Christchurch’s Linwood Islamic Centre.


When the culprit exited the mosque, Abdul picked up a discarded “shotgun” and chased after him (see here).

The assailant cursed at Abdul and took off in his car. The churchgoer chased him down the street.

Well, now we have a video of the brave man recounting the event.

Before the getaway, the shooter fired at Abdul. The discarded shotgun was shell-less, so Abdul threw it like a spear.

Let’s face it: The guy’s a thrower.

He’s also a hero.

“My only concern was to save other people,” he says in the interview.

“I was screaming to the guy, ‘Come — I’m here! Come — I’m here!'”

Like Rocky 4.

Show him who’s boss, Abdul!

The world needs more like him: a selfless man trying to save his family, his fellow congregants, his community.

Enjoy the video below, and if you’re so inclined, remember the victims of a horrific evil — where men, women, and children were murdered while attending church — in your prayers.

For more implications of the murders, go here and here.




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