'Captain America' Chris Evans Meets with Dan Crenshaw, Outraged SJWs Call Dan 'Literally Hydra'



On March 8th, left-leaning Chris Evans went to Washington. Captain America wanted to talk to elected officials about veterans.

Sounds okay, right?


That’s a big fat nope, ’cause Chris talked to a Republican.

Say it ain’t so!

Chris met with Lieutenant Commander — and victor in the SNL brouhaha (here) — Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and the two seemed to hit it off. For the event, Dan even had his glass eye replaced with one featuring a Captain America shield:

It’s called affability:

But to quote Jeff Foxworthy, “We just can’t have nice things.”

Cue the left-wing outrage, complete with imbecilic assertions:


Maybe Priscilla shoulda done some googlin’ herself.
Same for Gary:




As noted by The Daily Wire:

Hydra is, of course, the Nazi offshoot supervillain organization that Captain America battles in the comic books (and in at least one of the “Captain America” movies).

Yep, they suggested that Chris Evans is a literal space Nazi for saying Rep. Crenshaw’s glass eyeball was cool. Apparently, the claims of Crenshaw’s “white supremacy” originated with an Internet rumor from Crenshaw’s campaign, which suggested the Texas Republican was a “member” of a white supremacist Facebook group. Media Matters, which uncovered the “blockbuster” revelation, insisted that the connection disqualified Crenshaw, but, according to Newsweek, the then-candidate was clear that he was added to the group and didn’t join of his own volition. He removed himself immediately upon finding out about the group’s content.

I’m all for everyone expressing their thoughts. But can’t people on the Left at least make accusations that aren’t breathtakingly idiotic? Maybe with a bit of “informed” incorporated somehow?


That’d be like rain to a desert.

Hail Hydrate.



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