Juanita Broaddrick Hammers Kathy Griffin's Claim That You Hate Her For Being Self-Made



If you’re a Trump supporter, you what you superhate? A self-made woman.

It gets you steamed!

You just can’t stand it!

You prefer your women…made…otherwise.


Or something.

Maybe you like ’em made by their dentist. Like a tray that keeps you from grinding your teeth. Over your hatred for self-made women.

Or by their baker. Like a cake — that you eat at 2 in the morning ’cause you can’t sleep. Over the fact that some women are self-made. Instead of made by their barista, like a caramel macchiato. Or by their blacksmith, like a horseshoe.

Or by anybody other than…themself.

‘Cause that’s what you hate.

‘Cause you support the President.


Aw, I lost it.

But anyway, that’s what you do.

Or, at least, that’s what Kathy Griffin believes.

Or, at least, that’s what she said to Variety.

You’re seething! ‘Cause she’s a self-made woman!

‘Cause you’re an irrational moron!

Juanita Broaddrick chimed in. She thinks Kathy, like “sin” in the Greek, might be missing the mark.

So she made a correction — aimed at the redheaded self-professed D-lister who once thought it’d be a fantastic idea to pose for a photo holding the likeness of the decapitated head of the President of the United States.

Kathy thought people’d love the beheading. But they didn’t, so she blamed the President. And you. She apologized. But then she took it back. Then she called the First Lady of the United States a “piece of sh**.” Oh, and she also told her, “F*** you” (here).


But you hate her ’cause she’s self-made.

And here’s what Juanita thinks:

Agree or disagree?



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