Girls Scouts of America Awards Arizona Troop Member its Highest Honor for Her Pro-Abortion Campaign



Earlier today, I wrote about a Tennessee school district instructing educators to teach kids social justice and identity politics (here).

And last week, I covered a story about bisexuality being discussed with very young children (watch the video here).


What in the world is going on??

What happened to pro-American schools sticking to academics, and organizations in general simply letting kids just be kids?

If your first grader is a Democrat — or a Republican — something is really messed up.

Here’s an organizational mess at the 10th grade level:

As reported by LifeNews, on Friday, the Girl Scouts of Arizona bestowed upon Sarah Smith its highest honor — the Gold Award — for her volunteer work on behalf of “reproductive justice”:

Her project involved working with the pro-abortion Women’s March and its affiliate in Tucson. She said her goal was to ‘educate people about and destigmatize access to women’s healthcare’ — euphemisms for abortion.

Way to go, goobs.

Thanks to the GSA’s “attagirls,” Sarah’s on a mission:

“I’m planning on hosting an event to educate people about and de-stigmatize access to women’s healthcare. I’ve been working with El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project, and they offered ideas on reproductive health justice which would broaden the scope of the project a little bit. I got interested in the topic with the Supreme Court nomination of [Brett] Kavanaugh…”



Something tells me she wasn’t watching the Kavanaugh coverage on Fox.

Also: The sophomore is hosting an event to educate people? How educated is she? She’s in tenth grade.

For more about the Girl Scouts’ relationship with abortion, here’s LifeNews again:

Although the Girl Scout organization maintains that it takes ‘no position’ on abortion, parents, churches and pro-life activists have long complained of the pro-abortion slant of the Girl Scouts’ resources, role models and affiliations.

In a national survey in 2013, seventeen Girl Scouts councils admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood; other councils refuse to answer the survey question. Of the 315 Girl Scout councils in the U.S., 17 councils reported having a relationship with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, and 49 reported they do not. The other 249 refused to disclose any relationship.

In 2013, Girl Scouts USA shared a recommendation for abortion activist and former pro-abortion Texas legislator Wendy Davis as a 2013 Woman of the Year on its official Twitter account. The organization also suggested pro-abortion former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as a woman “with courage, confidence, and character.”


To be clear: I’m not writing against Sarah; in fact, I’m not using her real name. Presumably, she’s trying to do good in the world.

I’m questioning the Girl Scouts of America’s decision to encourage such an endeavor as part of their program. A tenth grader, in my view, shouldn’t be expected to have a firm view on an issue such as abortion, beyond that of parroting their parents or the world around them otherwise. Sarah has the rest of her life to form her adult opinions about adult issues.

In my view, it’s incumbent upon the Girl Scouts of America to let girls be girls. They aren’t the Women Scouts. How about endorse programs that help the elderly or find homes for shelter animals? How about something apolitical, much less an issue that people around the nation don’t devote their lives to fighting against.

When parents allow their children to participate in kids’ groups, they shouldn’t have to worry about political endorsement or inculcation. Unfortunately, it seems there’s no getting away from those maneuvers at every turn. Ya let your kid wear a cute green outfit and sell some cookies, the next thing you know, she’s Margaret Sanger.


Of course, it’s likely Sarah’s family is in sync with her political moves. But as for the Scouts, I wish they’d remain neutral and just serve up some of those delicious baked treats.

I’ll take 2 boxes of Do-si-dos, please. Sans the abortion promo.



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