GirlPower 2019: Instagram Feminist Regularly Covers Her Face in Menstrual Blood to Encourage Women



Why would this story be on a site called RedState, except for the most obvious reason — a red state?

Twenty years ago, Right and Left were political designations concerning the rate of collection and dispersion of taxpayer funds. An enshrining of the bizarre would’ve been relegated to News of the Weird.


But something’s happened: There’s been a cultural uprising. Sexual politics, first amendment constriction, science denial, sexism, and racism have reared their ugly heads, squarely in the arena of debate. And here we are, in the throes of female empowerment, which has a very different definition, it seems, than once was the case.

Case in point:

Demetra Nyx of Los Angeles is showing the world just how strong girls can be. She is woman; hear her roar.

The 26-year-old sex coach and podcast host believes society teaches girls to be ashamed of their periods:

“Ads about menstrual products talk about smelling ‘fresh’ or making us cleaner, implying that our bodies’ natural functions are gross.”

Once brainwashed by the oppression, she’s had a change of heart.

Hence, she regularly smears her “magical” menstrual blood all over her face and body and shares photos of the spectacle on Instagram.

“Sharing pictures of blood on my face and body was just an impulse – I was creating a series to help women connect with their menstrual cycle, and I thought it would be fun.”

Sounds like a real hoot. And don’t you feel more connected to your cycle with your period all over your punim?

How’d you like to become one with your small intestine? I have an idea…


Back to Demetra, here’s some affirmation from her cherry-cheeked, period-positive posts:

“We can also do things like paint with it or pour it into the earth.”

“I believe it’s a beautiful thing to get comfortable with touching your own blood.”

“I used to spend my time worrying about what other people thought of me.”

“I used to keep lists as a 12-year-old: What are all the ways in which I could be more attractive?”

“How could I hide my period blood, my skin, my wrinkles, my fat?”


Why does she do it, again?

“It is a little to liberate other women and a lot to please my Self. I get so much pleasure from this ritual and I love feeling so free to share it and I love not caring what the reactions will be.”

Well there ya go.

Like Hillary Clinton raging against the 2016 election (here, here, here, and here), Demetra can’t stop:

“I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it. I will do it until little girls stop being taught that the natural functions of their bodies are disgusting and unclean. I will do it until women stop feeling like they can’t have sex on their period because it is gross. I will do it until we stop being embarrassed that we sometimes bleed through our clothing. Through your sheets.”


Just in case you were wondering:

“The idea isn’t to get everyone to put blood on their face (though — wow — does it make your skin glow!).”

The fact that you think it’s gross means — somehow — that it’s necessarily faaaantastic:

“That encourages me to keep posting [the photos] — if it wasn’t having a necessary impact, people wouldn’t be so bothered by it.”

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years about women being magical.

I have a suggestion:

Being a woman doesn’t make you special. It doesn’t make you beautiful. And it doesn’t make you magical, even if you wear the lining of your uterus on your forehead. What makes a woman special is what makes a person special: the special, wonderful, beautiful things you say and do. Your character. Your integrity (here). Your loyalty. Your kindness. Your consideration. Your selflessness. Your thoughtfulness. Your choices.

We were told in 2016 that a woman should be appointed to lead the nation, just because she was a woman.

And that almost worked.

But in my view, being a woman deserves no points.

#BelieveAllWomen? How about #AllWomenBelieve. In doing good and honorable things. Let that be yourself. Connect to that. You’ll be strong — and all the other things you hope to be.



[Check out Demetra’s “shameless” leg and her funky dance moves in the 1st video below. I can’t speak for the family-friendliness of the 2nd one.]



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