On Oscar Night, the NRA Released a Speech from 'a Real Hollywood Hero' -- & it's Worth Watching



Did you watch the 91st Academy Awards? If so, here’s a bonus: the NRA released its own Tintseltown message Sunday, addressing “hypocritical and ideologically extreme” stars, courtesy of “a real Hollywood hero” — actor and former NRA president, Charlton Heston.


The video mixes footage of Moses himself (see below) discussing the importance of the right to bear arms with contemporary clips of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michael Moore, and Nancy Pelosi. It’s purpose, according to a press release, is thus:

“[To highlight] today’s hypocritical and ideologically extreme celebrities, socialist politicians, activists, athletes, the media.”

The Planet of the Apes hero poses:

“Imagine if every kid had learned what we learned — that without a Second Amendment, by what means could a free people expect to protect freedom?” says Heston. “We learned that, history proves it, common sense confirms it, and any school kid can grasp it. Only people who are free to own firearms can remain free people.”

Enjoy the full video:

What are your thoughts?

Can you imagine a contemporary star of Heston’s magnitude being featured in such a promotion of gun ownership? If so, who might that be?

Charleton is right:

“[I]t’s not unreasonable that, with one lost generation, we could lose the 2nd Amendment. Because we didn’t teach them what the battle’s all about. We didn’t strike that spark in their heart that lights the fire of freedom.


He also poses:

“Imagine if every kid had learned what we learned: that without a 2nd Amendment, by what means could a free people expect to protect freedom?”

It’s a good question. And one that many kids certainly aren’t learning.



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