Joe Lieberman Gives AOC his Best Dirty Harry: 'Dis Me. I've Been Here a While.'



Earlier, I covered superhero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upcoming comic book (here). The impending adventure’s title — ‘New Party: Who Dis?’ — was inspired by AOC’s response to former Sen. Joe Lieberman. Joe had this to say, to Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto, on January 10th:


“With all respect, I certainly hope she’s not the future. And I don’t believe she is.”

Joe appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday to double down on his downing of SuperAlexandria:

“Well, I hope not. Look — she’s a congresswoman. She won a primary. She didn’t get an enormous number of votes, but enough to win. She’s one congresswoman. Incidentally, she’s not typical of the new Democrats who have been elected to the Congress. Most of them are center or left, not far left, because they won in swing districts.”

Good point.

Host Katie Pavlich brought up AOC’s comic-motivating tweet–

Joe got reeeal cool:

“Dis me. I’ve been here a while. Here is the point: In the American political system, the time that the parties really say what they’re about is when they nominate a presidential candidate. This is just beginning, and I’m saying that if Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of the pack, as we go into the presidential primaries next year, a candidate is going to be nominated who simply cannot get elected because America doesn’t support the big government socialistic extreme and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that she’s been talking about. So she’s got a voice, but let’s not give it — let’s not listen to it — more than it deserves.”


Joe added that, if Alexandria’s goofy far-left positions are the soul of the party, “Well, that’s not where the soul of America is, and that’s what worries me.”


That sounds good — maybe most of the Democratic Party isn’t accepting of socialism. But given things such as this, this, and this, I’d say at least a little worry wouldn’t be a bad idea. For Joe, and for everyone else, too.



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