Enough to Make Your Headspin: the Olympics Eyes Breakdancing as a New Event



Move over, Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, and Michael Phelps.

Usain Bolt, step aside.

Do you like to do the snake? Are you a master of the robot? Sometimes — before an important board meeting — do you take to the floor for a 10-rotation headspin?


If so, you may have what it takes to juke around and proudly represent your country in a future summertime engagement at the worldwide Olympics.

That’s right — as reported by The Washington Post:

Organizers of the Summer Games in Paris put forward a proposal Thursday to add four sports to the slate there, with break dancing accompanied by skateboarding, climbing and surfing. The latter three sports are set to debut in 2020 at the Tokyo Olympics, and all four will need final approval from the International Olympic Committee.

Also known as breaking, break dancing has grown from its roots in the nascent American hip-hop culture of the 1970s to a “dance sport,” somewhat incongruously related to ballroom dancing, that is notably popular in France.

Is this a good way for nations to strut their superiority over one another? For citizens to B-boy-windmill their way to national pride glory?

As covered by RedState’s Brad Slager, today (Friday) marks the 39th anniversary of the USA’s “Miracle on Ice”:



Perhaps one day, we’ll be commemorating that time the U.S. triumphed over North Korea in a globally meaningful way, via the Miracle on A$$:



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