Time's Up CEO Steps Down Over Her Own Son's Alleged Sexual Misconduct



Time’s up for Time’s Up CEO Lisa Borders.

On Monday, the President/Chief Executive Officer stepped down from her post due to…wait for it…sexual misconduct allegations.


Against her son, that is.

The LA Times reported Thursday that a woman claimed Lisa’s son, Gary “Dijon” Bowden Jr., touched her inappropriately. At the time, the two were engaged in a “healing session” at the alleged victim’s home.

Maybe they could wait for due process. But I guess not.

An unidentified source explained the abdication:

“[Lisa’s] role as the president of Time’s Up was in conflict with being a mother who was taking active steps to defend her son. [Her] decision to step down was the right one for her, and for the organization.”

She’d just barely begun — Lisa took the helm of the star-studded organization in November, having withdrawn from her position as President of the WNBA.

Although a group opposing the mistreatment of women should be non-partisan, TU has been notably left-wing, supported by and comprised of some who preferred to grill Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh rather than find out…well…anything (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

Lisa was a good choice for that side of the aisle: Last May, she led the ladies sports league with a joint effort between it and Planned Parenthood, proclaiming, “This season, your ticket supports more than women’s basketball. It supports women” (here).


No word yet on how aborting women helps them.

-Alex “Dijon” Parker


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