Trump Jr. Tanks Ocasio-Cortez Over Her Latest Remarks About NYC's Amazon Loss



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to occupy the same cosmic space as would a non-precocious 7-year-old selected at random to participate in American politics at the federal level (here).


She appears to have literally zero comprehension of any topic about which she speaks. But I want her to — if only she’d wax philosophic on her favorite socks, or her cat color preferences, I could enjoy an oration of expertise.

But to my dismay, she continues to choose topics as unfitted to her understanding as a onesie to a dolphin (here).

Ergo, AOC claimed New York can now invest the $3 billion Amazon would’ve saved as a tax break, had they located to her district’s Long Island City.

Donald Trump, Jr. — who may have a smidge better grasp on business and money than the roof-dancing bartender who believes everything can be free just ’cause (here) — took to Twitter to address the mind-boggling daftness:

In case you missed it, AOC had claimed NYC had no business “[giving] away” billions to job- (and tax revenue-) generating giant Amazon, and that such an act would’ve crumbled…actually, no one can make her idea sound dumber than can she; so here it is, from the horse’s mouth:


“You know, I think it’s really important that we understand that we need to invest in our economy, but we need to invest in our people, and to give away $3 billion to a company that has a history of worker exploitation that’s paying below what the cost of New York City is not acceptable for us. We need to have good jobs, and they need to come to the table as in — you know, any company that wants to come to New York needs to come to the table as an equal partner, and you look at how Google came to New York; it was not nearly as controversial as this, and I think it’s because of, they were willing to work with local communities. What’s great is that our economy, our local economy, is already growing. So I firmly believe that if we want to take that $3 billion dollars that we were willing to give to Amazon and invest it in our local community, we can do that. We can make those jobs. We can make 25,000 jobs. But we don’t have to give away and allow our subway system to crumble so that Amazon essentially owns a part of New York City. We can create 25,000 jobs with Mom-and-Pops; we can create 25,ooo jobs with companies that are willing to come to the table, but we should not be giving away our infrastructure, our subway system, our schools, our teachers’ salaries, our firefighters’ budgets, to a company that has not shown good faith to New Yorkers. And we can ask for more because we deserve more.”


We don’t need no stinkin’ Amazon! We’ve got mom and pops!

As for the rest, I think her last sentence is the perfect encapsulation of her general disposition, as well as that of many millennials (here, here, here, and here).

I’d like to point out here that she was elected — voters asked to be led by a twentysomething who knows so little, she thinks a tax payer not giving the government more money is equal to the government having that money. This cold water to the face harkens back to my previous contention.

On the other hand, AOC is nothing if not interesting — if you define “interesting” as anything generating this response:



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