Trump Meets with MLK's Pro-Life Niece, Conferences Advocates, & Continues His Fight for the Unborn




Democrats loooooove Martin Luther King.

There are only two things I know of that some on the Far Left don’t like about him:


If Obama had met with, for example, MLK’s widow (who passed away 2 years before his election), Democrats would’ve hailed the meeting. Media would’ve enshrined it. Trump meeting with Alveda? Crickets.

Yet, it happened — at a time when abortion is an increasingly critical issue. Though — it should be noted — the infant-related stories I’ve covered as of late are not about abortion; with regard to New York and Virginia’s legislative maneuvers, I’ve only written about murder (here, here, and here).

Moving on:

On Thursday — just a little over a week since Trump’s anti-late-term-abortion State of the Union — the Commander-in-Chief spent time with late-term-abortion survivor Alveda.

As reported by LifeNews, the President also convened with abortion survivor Melissa Ohden and the 6-year-old prematurely-born son of a former congressman.

Alveda was delighted to meet with Trump on V-Day:

“With his latest life affirming action today, on Valentine’s Day, President Trump shines light and hope for babies in the womb, and for those who are unjustly bound in other tenuous situations.”

She addressed murder:

“Considering the huge fiascoes and lies about abortion being a reproductive right, with New York and Virginia endorsing infanticide, President Trump’s adoption response today is yet another sanctity of life gain. Let’s do something different today. Let’s pray for America, and join President Trump in his compassion for the least of these exemplified in his speech today. Let’s choose adoption as an option to abortion. Let’s insist that our elected officials vote no on infanticide.”


After the meeting, the President spoke via conference call to pro-life advocates across the country:

“Thank you very much, and I want to thank all the 1,000s of pro-lifers and pro-life leaders, pastors, families and advocates for joining this call and for working with such love and devotion to build a culture that cherishes human life.”

The White House released a statement about the call:

“Recently, our country has witnessed a chilling disregard for life as some states have taken up legislation that would legalize abortion up until just moments before a child’s birth. President Trump and his administration are committed to defending and protecting the gift of life.”

Alveda had more to say about Virginia, particularly Gov. Ralph Northam’s macabre embrace of killing a baby after birth (here):

“I wake up every single day living with the fact that people somehow want to pass this kind of legislation that would have ended my life. People can very nonchalantly talk about this or try to be ambiguous, but there is no ambiguity that exists. My life should have been ended by an abortion, and every day children are losing their lives.”

Many conservatives were uncertain of previously-Democratic Donald Trump when he ran for White House glory; “NeverTrump” was a common term leading up to November 2016. Where are those critics now? A great deal are on the other side of a line they once drew with permanent ink, due to the President’s expectation-exceeding championing of red state values.


Nowhere is that more true than his stance on abortion.

In 2016, an American presidential nominee stood before the world and defended the late-term extermination of a baby; that was a seminal (in more ways than one) event, one which would’ve surely taken us to a darker place by now, had Hillary Clinton risen to power.

For those who care about the issue, Trump continues his defense of the most defenseless among us. In a battle that — for many — is the fight of a lifetime.



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