Man Arrested on 865 Counts of Child Rape as Liberalism Abandons America's Children



On television in the 80’s, McGruff the Crime Dog told us to “take a bite out of crime.” Small- and big-screen detectives, from the 50’s on, were hard-nosed. TV’s Joe Friday routinely asked for “Just the facts, ma’am.”


Across America, the idea of justice was swift and the notion of prison was hard. Once upon a time, court-ordered punishments were absolute.

Fast-forward to liberalism, trumpeted penitentiary overcrowding, and early release.

Add loopholes, left-wing judges, the non-deterrent of meaningless sentences, the Democratic infiltration of inner cities, and an increase those areas’ crime.

Currently, at the national level, congresspeople are calling for a dissolution of law enforcement at the border (here). Pelosi and Schumer are refusing to support, on sheer partisan principle, national security investment (here, here, and here).

All of the above are debatable; but is a gradual move away from law, in general, a good thing?

What’s the result?

While pondering that, consider Garrick Bloom.

US Marshals in Tallahassee arrested the Pennsylvanian on February 7th. He was wanted on 865 counts of child rape.

Warrants for Bloom were issued on January 16th. He fled before authorities could apprehend him.

Broken down, his charges are as follows: 216 counts of child rape, 216 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, 216 counts of sexual assault, 216 counts of aggravated indecent assault of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child.


According to Birmingham’s ABC3340, all acts were committed on a 5-year-old boy who Bloom “groomed” over a period of several years.

Until extradition, the accused is being held at the Leon County Detention Facility.

If found guilty, what will happen to the man? Will he be placed under the jail? Or will he be out and about in just a few years? Between now and his trial, will he roam free?

In January, thanks to a liberal judge’s repeated release of a man charged with sex crimes against children — including the molestation of a 19-month-old —  3 kids were raped within a week (here).

Where is society’s effort to protect the innocent? Is that not the greatest goal of law and order? And can we expect governments to safeguard children when those in power are endorsing the blatant murder of babies (here, here, here, here, and this)?

If children aren’t safe, none of us are safe. A government without regard for the most helpless of all will not concern itself with the protection of those less immaculate.

We need a change. For the little victims, as well as the big. Hopefully, in the case of a guilty Garrick Bloom, his change will be one that ends his crime spree, once and for all.


For the rest of us, maybe this would help.


What do you all think? I’d like to hear from those of you in law enforcement, as well as those who have thoughts on America’s moral plight.


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