White Actress Vows to Not Let 'Captain Marvel' Press Tour be Too White (Except for Her)...or Male



If you’re white and in the media, Brie Larson’s lookin’ to keep your kind back, mister.

Even though she’s…white.

It’s okay for her to be front and center…but not a bunch of white people other than her. Y’all need to STEP OFF.



Potentially even worse than white? Guys.

Like a true galactic guardian, the Captain Marvel star’s safeguarding the world from both maladies (again, except for her).

In an interview with Marie Claire UK, she promised. As reported by Fox News:

“About a year ago, I started paying attention to what my press days looked like and the critics reviewing movies, and noticed it appeared to be overwhelmingly white male,” Larson said. “So, I spoke to Dr. Stacy Smith at the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, who put together a study to confirm that.”

The aforementioned study was conducted on the 100 highest-grossing films in 2017 and determined that white males made up 67 percent of the top critics, while white women comprised less than 25 percent, according to the New York Post.


Is it just me, or is it odd that “inclusion” means being sure to not include naturally-occurring white maleness? Ah, it’s probably just me.

Additionally, men of color reportedly made up 10 percent, while women of color yielded a quarter of that percentage.
Following the study, Larson said in the Marie Claire interview that she resolved to make her press days “more inclusive.”


“of color” = the planetary race otherwise known as notwhite.

Way to go, everybody — we’re back to the binary racial separation of the 50’s.

Brie draws to mind white Amy Schumer, who wanted minority and trans people in her movie — so long as she could still be the white female star, that is (please read all about that — in one of my first articles for RedState — here)

Ms. Larson is a tortured soul — in October of 2017, she decried the plight of being a super-desirable woman, after a guy revoltingly asked for her number (see below).

Perhaps Brie’s been kept awake at night by the horror of white interviewers. She may’ve been tossing and turning — like, presumably, Martin Luther King Jr. is, in his grave (here and here).



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