WATCH: College Students Praise Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal; 'Til They're Told What the H*LL it is



From the minds of millennials:

“I love Hillary Clinton.”

“I love Barack Obama.”

“I love socialism.”

“I love communism.”


And also:

“I don’t know what Hillary Clinton did.”

“I don’t know what Barack Obama did.”

“I don’t know what socialism is.”

“I don’t know what communism is.”

Rinse and repeat. A whooooooole bunch.

As Steve Martin long ago pointed out, one of the stupidest things a person can do is criticize things they don’t know about. It goes the other way, too — supporting something of which you’re completely ignorant is equally stupid.

Enter, an entire generation.

Case in point:

Campus Reform recently bounded onto the campus of the University of Miami to find out if students were on board with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

For those yet to find out, the deal addresses cow farts, looks to a day when planes don’t exist, and is totally psyched to retrofit every building in existence. Easy peasy (PLEEEASE see here, here, and here).

Naturally, many hoofing it across America’s public education quads are revved up and ready for an environmental and oppression-rectifying utopia imagined by the New York socialist — who seems to understand nothing of anything in any case (here and here) — until they find out what it actually is.

DANG IT — don’t you hate when you love things you’re completely unaware of, and then someone messes it up by giving you any information whatsoever? I reference back to my strong assertion.


Anyway, once the potentially-registered voters found out what Alexandria wants to do, they sang a different tune. Enjoy the sour notes in the video below.

And cross your fingers that the next generation likes to actually understand stuff. Especially before endorsing it.



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