Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Declines to Shake His Black Political Opponent's Hand



Last week, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam appeared on a radio show, where he spoke of murdering a birthed baby with extraordinary nonchalance. In my view, no story about the man should upstage that incredible event. For more, see here, and here.


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While Ralph’s at center stage, a few other stories are swirling. You’ve likely heard of his yearbook photo, which features the politician dressed either in blackface or as a Klansman (here). Well, here’s an extension.

During a televised debate with a black political opponent in 2013, Ralph declined to shake the man’s hand. Furthermore, he seemingly and perplexingly refused to even acknowledge E.W. Jackson’s presence.

The spectacle, it should be noted, is certainly not just now seeing the light of day.

As reported by The Daily Mail:

The video, which has circulated on social media for years, shows the very end of a debate when then-Virginia Lieutenant Governor candidate Northam refused to shake hands with his opponent E.W. Jackson during an on-air debate.

Here’s what Jackson had to say about the incident, during an interview with D.C.’s WMAL:

“It was insulting, but, on the other hand, I thought it was consistent with the way he behaves. Because, this spot he’s been running, saying that I believe that a child born with birth defects is born that way because of their parents’ sin is just a damnable, palpable, despicable lie. I don’t believe that. I never said anything like that. And it’s that kind of dishonesty that, to me, says this is not the kind of person that needs to be holding state-wide office. Not shaking my hand really just confirmed that.”


Watch the stunning snub — and hear Jackson’s response to it — below.



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