WATCH: Pro-Choice Woman Breaks Down in Reaction to Video of Abortion -- 'It's a Life'



Lila Rose founded a pro-life group with an unusual mission: approach pro-choice women and change their minds. The method? Show them animated illustrations of abortion procedures, narrated by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino.


It begs a very good question: How many people who consider themselves pro-choice have seen what occurs during an abortion? How many have researched the timetable of baby development, compared to when abortions are performed? How many activists rallying in the streets for the pro-choice cause have done as much?

Would anyone protest on behalf of abortion without thoroughly understanding it? Would anyone take a side — particularly erring against life in the balance — without studying the issue?

I reference my past article, “Do We Really Want People Registering to Vote?

Lila’s organization, Live Action, has posted to YouTube professed pro-choice women’s reactions to the videos. I could describe them here, but it’s best to watch what happens when a person sees the practical reality of their beliefs.

Below, you’ll find an illustration video (which, I should warn, is very disturbing) encompassing all three trimesters, followed by two presentations of women watching Dr. Levatino’s clips.

What do you take away from their responses? As for the illustrations, what would you expect to be their effect on typical pro-choice voters?


Please let us all know in the Comments section below.

Meanwhile, the videos are inapplicable in New York, given that the Five Boroughs and the rest of the state are set to allow abortion up until birth (here, here, here, and here); the same may be said for Virginia Del. Kathy Tran, who wants it during birth; they’re also surely powerless against Gov. Ralph Northam, who’s evidently okay with abortion after birth (here and here). Does the future of America lie with Northam’s attitude? Or are these turns of events — and their exposure — catalysts for an about-face, as President Trump has suggested (here)?

The Left doesn’t appear particularly interested in a debate on abortion, as the topic — at present time — is being sped past, favoring the matter of undeniable murder.

How is that possible? The United States was created for the thriving of humanity; a Land of Liberty tolerant of so blatantly slaughtering the innocent is — ultimately — America itself, aborted. Hopefully, our country will grasp the sanctity of life…before it’s too late. For some in New York, it will already be.




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