On the Same Day Kathy Tran Submitted Her Infant Murder Bill, She Introduced a Bill Protecting Moths



On Monday, Democratic Virginia Del. Kathy Tran promoted her bill removing all restrictions on late-term abortion, even — by her own admission — allowing doctors to kill the baby as the woman is dilating (PLEASE read more here and here).


Is that really an issue of “abortion?” It seems to me that even the most radical pro-choice advocate would call that straight murder.

Well, Kathy’s not all heart-of-stone:

On January 9th — the same day she introduced her human murder bill — Tran submitted “House Bill No. 2495 — Eradication of fall cankerworm; spraying prohibited during certain months.”

Whereas 2491 puts to death a baby about to be birthed, the other intends to protect insects. Included in the significant group are “gypsy moths” and “cankerworms.”

Here’s the official description, courtesy of Virginia’s Legislative Information System:

A BILL to amend and reenact § 15.2-2403 of the Code of Virginia and to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in Article 1 of Chapter 9 of Title 15.2 a section numbered 15.2-926.4, relating to cankerworms; eradication; prohibition on spraying during certain months.

In the aftermath of endorsing murder, Kathy’s wholly deleted herself from social media.


I say this, with no intention to even address abortion, but rather blatant murder: Her political career should follow her social media accounts.



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