An Apple-Red State Says They Won't Vote for Trump in 2020




Hey, here’s some news: an apple-red state that helped The Donald snag presidential glory in 2016 is possibly set for a 2020 change.

According to a Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll Wednesday, 54% of Utah voters say they’d probably — or definitely — not vote to re-elect the nation’s first real estate billionaire Big Cheese.


The study was conducted amid the government shutdown — January 15th-24th. Did that greatly affect the results? It’s an interesting question; after all, in a recent NBC News/Wall Stree Journal survey, a majority of Americans blamed the President for our gosh darn government gridlock (here).

Kirk Jowers, former Hinckley Institute head at the University of Utah, noted the potential skew of the poll:

“The timing is obviously very difficult for the President because he is suffering from increased scrutiny and condemnation for the shutdown and then for at least momentarily backing out of the shutdown. So I think those numbers could certainly improve over the next few months.”


Jowers added that another determinate of Utah’s favorability toward Trump’ll be who’s opposing him.

I believe I can go ahead and clear things up there: Given the Left’s recent slingshot into socialism (here and here) and discussion of abortion up until — and even after — birth (here, here, and here), there’s no way Utah’s gonna cast their vote for a Democrat.

Back to Kirk:

“The main thing that Trump has in his favor with Utah is that in a vacuum we don’t like him a lot. But against [Vermont Independent Sen.] Bernie Sanders his popularity skyrockets.”



So what’s Trump’s 2020 trajectory? A Washington Post-ABC study Tuesday returned not-that-great results for the Commander-in-Chief: 56% of Americans are saying “Nay” to Donald J.

Daisy Thomas, Utah Democratic Party chairwoman, was sure to get in a dig:

“You know that I think the majority of Utah is saying that the [GOP], at least here, is not listening to the citizens’ voices. I think a lot of people maybe voted for him thinking it would be a change from being bad for American families. But honestly we’re seeing it’s the same old same old without the veneer of politeness.”

Time will tell. As predicted by history, Republicans lost a smidge in the midterms. Nevertheless, the Left continue to be their own worst enemy: The antics that readied America to vote for a twice-divorced, brash, no-filter Artist of the Deal-With-It have not only continued; they’ve ramped up. So don’t count out a 2020…trump.



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