The Mouse Makes History: Disney Park Holds the Company's First-Ever Official Gay Pride Celebration



On June 1st, The Walt Disney Company will make history.

For the first time ever, the Mouse will officially endorse a Gay Pride event — at France’s Disneyland Paris.


The title? The Magical Pride celebration.

Featured will be Magical March of Diversity Parade.

Note: Despite the term’s infiltration of the American lexicon, a particular ideology, lifestyle, etc., does not constitute “diversity.” Rather, it bullseyes singularity. Otherwise, the Gay Pride parade would be the Whatever General Feeling parade. And there’d be nothing particularly gay about it. A Magical March of Specificity may not have the same ring to it, but that’s what it is.

What it also is, is the next step in a long progression:

Since 2014, Magical Pride has been an unofficial Disney Paris event, and both Disney World and Disneyland have been host to Gay Days — a mousey party for gay couples and families. Additionally, Disney cruises have been chartered by LGBT organizations.

The march continues in other sectors of entertainment as well:


Slowly but surely, Disney has warmed up to its LGBTQ fans. It hasn’t featured an openly gay character in any of its major film releases, but it will in its upcoming live-action feature Jungle Cruise in which straight English comedian Jack Whitehall will play a “hugely effete, very camp and very funny” brother.

A little over a year ago, Andi Mack became the first live-action Disney Channel show to have an openly LGBTQ recurring character. Before then, Disney featured a lesbian same-sex couple in 2014 in its live-action sitcom series Good Luck Charlie.

Disney also showed a possible same-sex couple in the 2013 film Frozen, a much-overhyped gay moment in its 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast film and a same-sex kiss in the background of the Disney Channel’s animated action series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

Last year, Disney sold a pair of rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse ears as a partial show of support for its LGBTQ visitors. For 12 years it has received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index of businesses with pro-LGBTQ employee policies.


Disney isn’t the only kid-friendly group making historical gay moves as of late; check this out.

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